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Online Shopping in Pakistan



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Online Shopping in Pakistan


As technology is advancing day by day business methods are changing. A whole new platform of commerce is set up where companies have shifted towards the online sale of their products and services. Online shopping in Pakistan has been made really easy and just with your computer, you can do home shopping. The service is available for everyone whether it is male or female, young or old, working person or house staying one, everyone can enjoy the home shopping.


What type of products will be available at

The will be an online market place for goods that will be of high quality and standards. Space will be available to the local public to place their products on the websites for sale. The website will be specialized in all types of categories such as electronics, home appliances, health and well being, fitness, beauty, houseware, items of clothing for women and men and kids as well, auto-motives, spare parts, kitchen appliances, and perishable food products as well.


The wide range of products available will provide immense benefits to the customers. Benefits in terms of time-saving, fuel saving and even money savings will be provided to the customers.

Why online shopping in Pakistan and home shopping is convenient?


  • The convenience provided to the customers can be understood in a different context. If a person is sitting in their comfort zone and he or she has access to the whole market place just from their computer screen. They will have a vast variety of products in front of their eyes. They will have a lot of time to look through the products and products categories. You can show it to your friends and family members and discuss what the best item to buy is.


  • The product's categories will have all specifications enlisted so you can compare it to other products available on or compare to other sites like daraz and ishopping. In this way, you can decide which one is better to buy.


  • Next, the customer will feel the ease of placing an order from the website. The order placing process is very simple as you just have to select the item, place it in your cart, and then check out. Different methods of payments are available, the same you will find on daraz and ishopping. It can be cash on delivery or it can be through bank transfers and credit card pre-payment methods.


How you be facilitated if you are not satisfied with the service?


The customer service will be great on as you can get directly in touch with the company to resolve your issue or to know about anything you are facing difficulty in. Customer service agents will facilitate you in every way possible. If you have found out that the product delivered to you is not suitable or have some defect in it then you can simply call the


You will be guided in a way that you won’t feel confused. You have to follow the instructions carefully then someone from the logistic department will come to your doorstep and take back the product. If the product is in perfect condition or if it is really damaged due to the seller’s mistake then you will be issued with a refund.


Price comparison of products on from Daraz and ishopping:


Online shopping in Pakistan is very different nowadays than how it used to be. You can compare the price of one item and tally it with daraz and ishopping. We will ensure it that you will get better prices at our websites than other home shopping sites.


Some benefits that can be seen and observed from online shopping in Pakistan are listed below:


Convenience and ease:

This is the most important point that everyone considers at first. You don’t have to wait in long lines or you don’t have to worry about the shop closing time. The websites are accessible 24/7 and whenever you want you can open up the computer and start surfing to do home shopping.


2. The benefit of good prices than physical stores:

The sellers have to pay less than they normally do to establish a store. For this reason, they usually keep their margins low. If you doing home shopping then you will notice that prices are relatively lower. As online shopping in Pakistan is in trend and competition is very high you will get quality products at good prices.


3. Vast options to select from:

You will get many options and many brands for even one single type of product. Many sellers will be given chance to sell their products through online as competition will be high they will be selling the best item so customers come back to them again and again. You can get the product at your doorstep even if you are not in the city in which the item is located. Online shopping in Pakistan has made the distance of market shorter by providing access to the customer just from their homes.


4. Great way to send gifts to your loved ones.

You can use the home shopping facility and send gifts to your family and friend from It will be done in a few easy steps by just selecting the best item according to the taste of your loved one. Putting in the cart, adding a special note and paying by the checkout; Sit back and relax until your gift is being sent through a reliable courier service.