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Women dresses come up in different designs colours and styles due to the increased awareness and disposable income. Everyone wants to look trendy and dress up in a modern attire. In the past women did not have much choices not only in women dresses category but other categories too, for example, shoes jewellery and more. A maxi dress is formfitting at the top and loose at the bottom and come up in variety of colours designs and patterns. Days of celebration is very special to make it memorable everyone want to follow the current trends of party dresses which are worn according to events with the matching jewellery. Now a day, women are more brand conscious and wants to buy branded clothes in every season. In summer dresses variety Nishat linen, Gul Ahmad, Warda, Khaadi, Sana Safinaz, So Kamal and Junaid Jamshaid are famous summer season brands. Their lien collection is very impressive and these brands introduce always new collection on the arrival of new year. Revolution in the internet technology has provided the high range of option to buy dresses online of their own choice. In women fashion industry trends changes rapidly like we might have seen an immediate shift to long dresses and after short span of time it became obsolete. Dresses holds expression which shows the level of dressing sense of a human. In women dresses category unstitched clothes number of sales is still greater than the stitched clothes due to the ability of customization of unstitched clothes. However, the picture has changed and the number of sales of stitched clothes is increasing with the increasing rate because of women contribution in workforce has increased and women do not have much time to spend clothing they prefer to buy readymade maxi dresses, party dresses, summer dresses and more.