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Sweater for women are made of wool, cotton, synthetic or combination of these which are worn by kids, men and women. Sweaters are essential for winter to keep you warm, comfortable, and Cozy without vanishing the touch of elegance in dressing. Sweaters for women comprises different styles from V-neck to Wool Sweater, crewneck sweaters, Zip neck sweaters, Cable Knit Cotton Sweater, Turtleneck Sweater, Chunky Sweaters, and much more. As the trend of online shopping in Pakistan has warmly accepted by the consumer because of penetration of global online brands in Pakistan which has increased the credibility by providing better quality and better services. Therefore, the demand for Online sweater shopping has increased to greater extent and large number of online retail store fulfilling sweater demand efficiently. Sweater collection of some brands is more popular in comparison with the rest, for example, bonanza sweater, Breakout, mod, dinners, leisure club, royal tag and more. The sweater for women is distinct in comparison with men due to multiple factors such as size, Bottoms, shape, patterns, neckline. For example, some sweater is just considered ladies sweater like oversized sweater which are a bit longer than the normal and reflect some sort of attitude, message, or trend. Many brands which were launched in the past are still successfully serving the consumer and preferable choice due to quality and mindshare held by the consumers like bonanza sweaters and more. These brands have also established their online stores where consumer enjoy the experience of online sweater shopping. In Pakistan, women made handmade ladies sweaters for their own family members or for business purposes which are usually made of wool. These sweaters are more durable, soft and give the reflection of local culture. For the businesses purpose the handmade sweaters can generate handsome profit by selling on online platforms. r