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Sandals are open shoes comprises a strap, sole and can be with many other components. This type of footwear is normally worn in summers which come in different style, design, and colors each season. Women’s sandal consists of different varieties, for example, heels shoes which add glamour, grace, charm, beauty and enhance the height. Similarly, women’s evening sandals have become a desirable choice for women due to its elegant style, look, and design. As the women have become independent to a greater extent due to that fact they spend more on the personal lifestyle that’s why they keep their wardrobe updated whether they need those products or not. Moreover, flat ladies sandal is also one of the most favorite choices for women. Another type of sandals is bridal sandal which is particularly design for marriage ceremonies. Although there are multinational brands in Pakistan Pakistani women’s sandal demand is very high because the local manufacturer knows about likes and dislikes of women’s. The most famous brand for ladies’ sandal is stylo, Borjan, hush puppies, ECS, Bata, and service are also the likable brands for women. The trend of Online shopping in Pakistan has established its footprints successfully by gradually building consumer trust. Because of many online retail stores has established their shopping websites which provide favorite shoe pairs at customer doorstep, which shows that people can buy shoes online Pakistan. In addition, shoe retailers also sell products via third-party retailer which market their product in a best possible way and charge minor commission on each product sold. It is a fact that women are always eager for shopping whether they are doing it online or offline. Female product categories women’s sandal, jewelry, accessories and more are highly sold items online in Pakistan. Buying shoes online in Pakistan is a trustable channel for ladies now due to convenience and ability of brands to serve customer efficiently.