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Women’s usually wear comfort shoes to get comfortable and become productive in accomplishing their tasks. There are multiple benefits of wearing comfort shoes it can make you walk easy and your feet breathable, it gives you maximum support while doing exercise and will enhance your productivity plus gives you an elegant look. Comfort shoes for women has got popularity like other shoes and designers are bringing out new designs style and colors every season. As it was just used to fulfill the need for informal footwear in the past but now women are more conscious in terms of shoe selection. As the women have got independence and their part in the workforce is significant and they are aware, well organized and live the better life. Therefore, women’s wear according to the requirement of occasions, for example, walking shoes are the preferable choice when they go out for jogging and the footwear will be different when they will in the bazaar for shopping purpose. As the women participation in sports activities has become substantial so the demand for sneakers shoes in Pakistan has reached to peak level. The sneakers shoes are sportswear both words can be used interchangeably usually worn during sports activities and it is customized according to the sports, for example, tennis shoes will be different than the cricket shoes. As the internet technology has revolutionized with the magical pace online shopping in Pakistan trend is increasing and the trust has been built among consumer about online stores. Comfortable shoes are a highly demandable feature for women because they have to wear them most of the time of day as a large number of women are housewives in Pakistan. Women have also started wearing sneakers shoes as a casual shoe, which was specifically designed for sports activities. Pakistan also produces casual shoes locally.