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Seller’s FAQ

If you have any kind of questions before you start selling, please check here. We have listed all the details here in this section. If you are unable to find something you are looking for, just send us an email or what’s app us. Our Contact Details are here.

General Questions

What is established in 2016 and leading e-commerce multivendor store in Pakistan, lots of people sell their product from all over Pakistan. There are thousands of products and different categories, including consumer electronics, fashion, health & beauty, household goods, toys and much more.

How is the profile of Customers?

Our main customers are Pakistanis and living in Pakistan however many Pakistan living abroad like in UAE, USA, UK and Saudi Arabia also use for shopping.

What number of visitors does website receive?

There is thousands of customers visit on daily basis.

How to sell on

It is very easy and free to sign up at, just go to to register and start selling immediately.

Selling Part

Which kind of items can I sell on

You can sell the products which are already uploaded on the website or create your own listing. To check the list of categories already available on Online Mall, please click at If you would like to list an item in a category which you do not see on this directory then send your inquiry to:

What are the operating countries of

Online Mall of Pakistan Pvt Ltd is a register company in Pakistan, we operate from here and most of our customer is also in Pakistan however we have the worldwide delivery service as well.

What countries does operate in? is registered in Pakistan, we mainly operate in Pakistan, and we also deliver goods worldwide indirectly, as we still don’t have direct shipping and direct payment options enabled on our site.

Selling Fees

What is the listing charge at

At there is no listing fees or any hidden charges.

What is commission at on sold products?

We charge flat 15% to 30% commission on any product sold at online mall that is used for operational expenses and marketing purpose.

How Much will charge commission if I sell an item for Rs. 1000?

The commission for the item is only Rs. 150 and actual bank transfer charge for any payout. There is no minimum price

Do `s customers prefer low prices?

Absolutely yes, items with fewer prices sell more than expansive prices.

What are suggestive categories of Rs. 1000 or less?

This is always a good idea to have more stock of the products which you are planning to sell; you can even start with books, artificial jewelry, slippers within this range.

What is the commission structure for bulk sale?

Commission will be same as normal (flat 15% to 30%)

Registration Process

How do I register?

Click Dashboard and sign up and tick vendor” at the main page on your account is already open with, its simple.

Is it necessary to register to sell?

Yes, you must need to register as a Vendor in order to sell at

Login Procedure

How to login?

Click Dashboard and “Sign in” on the main page of

Forget Password

Click “Sign in” on the main page of page, then click “Forgot your password?” and enter the email address you used to register. We will send you an email with instructions for resetting your password.


When I list for first time, what should be in my mind?

Visit the product listing guidelines page

I am unable to find the product category where I will add my product, what to do?

Send email to for assistance

What is the best description of items I’m selling?

Keep it simple and highlight features and benefits of the product, enter all details, like size, weight, function, dimensions and whatever information possible.

What can be best image of my selling item?

We highly recommend high resolution of images that should not be less than 300 x 300, remember that images play very important role in online shopping.

How do I review my live products listings?

Login to your account and click “View store”.

What should I do if my item gets rejected?

Please visit our listings guideline to understand the reason for rejection. After understanding the concern, you can edit and resubmit the listing for upload.

Can I classify my item and how?

Any item which is out of packing that is classified as “Used” and but is sealed and in original packing that is “New”.

Is it allowed to list an item under pre-order?

No this is not allowed as does not accept pre orders. Your product must be in stock in order to list.

What is the language used for listing?

You can list your item in English.

Is there any maximum number of items I can list?

There’s no limit to list the products at, you are welcome list as many products as you wish.

I have large number of product but I have no time to list manually, what can I do?

We are very happy to list your products, there is no minimum or maximum numbers required please contact us at and we will list your products without any cost.

If I do not have any images of my product, what should l do ?

We can assist you with photography if you don’t have images for your products, please contact us at

What is next, once I submit a product?

After finishing listing the product, seller submits the product for review, our team will review the product and contents and approve it then it can go live at

Where I can mention Warranty information in the listing?

You can simply mention the warranty with nature and duration in the product description.

Is there any other way to optimize my listings?

Seller can open a store on and sell different categories of items through their store. Your store comes with a dedicated name and gives you an option to put your brand logo to give an identity to your store. Your store will be a single window from where the Customers can see and buy all items listed by you.

Is there any way to pause my listing for time being?

Yes you can pause your listing temporarily, just login to your account, edit the product and make it out of stock or simply send us email at


When someone purchased my product, how will I know?

You will get an email once your item is sold. All orders will also can be seen in your account under “Orders”.

Is there any way, I can cancel my received order?

Yes you can cancel order by contacting the online mall customer service; you also have the option to send direct message to the buyer.

Packaging Procedure

What is the best way to package my item?

You can try to pack the product using a cardboard box & bubble wrap so that it doesn’t get damaged if possible or use some good material of packaging so it can give your good image as well as prevent any damage while delivering.

Is it allowed to share contact details in the package?

Contact details sharing is not allowed and against the online mall policy.


What is the way to arrange shipping for my product?

Once your item is sold, our courier person will call you to pick up the item from you and arrange the time at your convenience.

What is the shipping cost?

The shipping charges are discounted, but vary per item type and weight. Normally it is Rs. 150 for normal sized items, however for large appliances or big items it will be charged as per the weight, which is typically paid by buyers.

Who will take care of the shipping cost?

You can select the both ways, either offer free delivery to attract more customers, in this case online mall will deduct the delivery charge from your payout or it will automatically charge to the buyer.

What should I do, if courier never calls me?

This does not happen normally however in this case you can call or email to our customer service.

Does has any tracking system?

You can track the orders by clicking on “Track your order” The complete details are mentioned there for your review.

My Account

Where can I see my account balance?

Simply login to your account and click on “Dashboard” you have the complete details including your account balance, sales and commission.

Is there any way to track my order history?

In order to view your orders, simply login, click on “Dashboard” and then click on orders, you can find the full order history there.

Best Seller Performance

At have only these factors for sales performance?

No actually we also want sellers to work and improve these factors as well including, Minimize cancellation Rate, Return Rate, Late Shipment Rate, and Negative Feedback Rate.

You can always view your selling performance at Dashboard with a graph and figures.

What is called a perfect order?

We encourage you for more perfect orders, you your performance can improved, Perfect order is the order which is received for the item that matches its website description, gets confirmed by the seller as soon as it is notified to them, is packed properly to avoid transit damage, handed over to the courier within the handling time hence resulting in positive customer feedback.

At, what is the best performance?

We measure the best performance from these factors.

Cancellation Rate

Return Rate

Late Shipment Rate

Negative Feedback Rate

What does it mean by return rate?

This is the percentage of items that are returned by the customers vs. the total items you sold.

What does it mean by cancellation rate?

This is the percentage of items that are cancelled by the customers vs. the total items you sold.

What does it mean by late Shipment Rate?

The percentage of shipped Units that are shipped beyond the committed handling time, vs. the total Units you sold.

What does it mean by Negative Feedback Rate?

This is the percentage of negative feedbacks you’re receiving from buyers against the total feedbacks received.

What is the reason my seller account is suspended?

We have kept our standard and procedure to sell the products at, these standard are including of products quality, shipment commitment or any other rules. If customer fails to act accordingly to our guidelines, Online Mall can suspend your account until you resolve the issues.

What is the procedure to reactivate my listings again?

You can simply email us at with your future plan and your pledge to follow our rules. Our management will review your case and get listing activated.


How can I receive my money?

You can simply login to your account and click on Withdrawal and choose the amount to withdrawal or simply send us email at with requested amount; we will transfer the amount within 48 working hours as per your desired method.

When can I receive my requested amount?

We can transfer the amount within 48hrs as per according to your desired payout method.


What is procedure of return?

To return any purchased product, the buyer has to call the call center and request for return.

What is the return policy of

We have 7 day free return policy in case the item is damaged or different than ordered one.


How can I have access to feedback and my reviews?

In the “View Store” section of your account will take you to your Rating and Feedback information.


What is the best way to resolve the disputes? will contact you regarding this as all the complaints for the products sold by you, Online Mall will go through each complaint and take appropriate action to resolve them.


How can I learn more about selling on

You can watch video at our main page of


If I have question, whom should I contact?

Simply call or email to our customer service.